Rapporteur Charles-Gilbert Romme of the Jacobin-controlled National Convention, under whom the calendar was commissioned.


Eventually there will be a nice long interesting writeup here, detailing the history and the mechanics of this calendar, including a bibliography and Wikipedia links throughout to the specific people, places, and events that made it happen. Until that day, here is a nice lazy link to the Wikipedia article on the calendar itself: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/French_Republican_calendar

The Twelve Months

The Ten Weekdays

  • Primidi (First Day)
  • Duodi (Second Day)
  • Tridi (Third Day)
  • Quartidi (Fourth Day)
  • Quintidi (Fifth Day) Day of rest dedicated to animals
  • Sextidi (Sixth Day)
  • Septidi (Seventh Day)
  • Octidi (Eighth Day)
  • Nonidi (Ninth Day)
  • Décadi (Tenth Day) Day of rest and festivity dedicated to working tools